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Why is my mouth weird?
I went out last night 
And took this photo with this stupid face
But I got to dance close to beautiful girls and had sweet nothings whispered in my ear


*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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Grainy sick days in bed
My hair is curly and wet
I like this photo of me
Come to me. Please
I dressed up and looked nice for once Now everyone knows
I don’t want to sleep yet.  Fuck the schedule
I want to keep watching parks and rec while painting


i dont understand why people use gaylord as an insult maybe i want to be lord of the gays. bow down to me

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It’s hot. My webcam is shit and my wall is blank. 
I have had this silly dress for five years; it has holes in it and paint stains, and yet I still wear it all the time
Christmas was fun
Mum and I got drunk and danced to nirvana all night
I am covered in bubbles Never want to leave
I’m going out to a ball and I wanted to look like a fairy. Tried my best at least. 
Ill be fluttering about anyway.